с. Пивовариха, ул. Трактовая, 20/1

Soundproof materials, Stretch ceilings, Timbers, Bricks, slag blocks, Components for doors, Flameproofing, Artistic stained glass/mosaic making, Plastic and wall panels, Powder paints, Building materials, Facade materials, Fixing and fastening goods, glasswork and mirrors, Dry building mixes, Windows, Organic glass, Translucent plastics, Wood laminates, fiberboard, plywood, Automatic gate, paint-and-lacquer materials, Ceramic tiles, ferro-concrete products, Thermal insulating materials, Facing stone, Components for windows, Roof covering, Materials for road construction and maintenance, Wallpapers, Locks, Hardware, Sandwich panels, Breakstone, sand, Paving flags, Ceramic granite, Finishing materials shops, Sealing paste and glue, Metal constructions for buildings and facilities, Interior doors and arches, Entrance doors, Mouldings, Plasterboard, Components, Floor covering, Components, Waterproofing materials, Fences, Interior decorative elements, Interior partitions systems

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