ул. Полярная, 95а

Construction of saunas, Interior finishing and repair, Roofing works, Building of detached houses/summer houses, Overhaul repair and reconstruction servce
Electric tools, Boiler equipment and boilers, Wood laminates, fiberboard, plywood, Building materials, Finishing materials shops
Construction of saunas, Interior doors and arches, Installation of heating and water supply systems, Building of detached houses/summer houses, Entrance doors
Russian baths and saunas accessories, Heating and water supply systems, Stoves, Boiler equipment and boilers, Heat Ventilation equipment
Garden/park furniture and accessories, Gardening equipment and machinery, Greenhouses, Crop protection products and fertilizers, Seeds, plants and gardening accessories
Stretch ceilings, Plastic and wall panels, Interior doors and arches, Components for doors, Entrance doors
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