Жилое здание

ул. Розы Люксембург, 182

Printers' cartridges refilling service, System administrator's services, Copy service, installation of security and fire system, computer network installation, Computer repair, Office automatic telephone systems, Office equipment servicing
Refrigiration machinery, alarms and warning systems, Air conditioners, Climate systems installation, Electrical installation work
Official assessment of property, real estate and land parcel conveyancing, Auditor services, Buisness registration and liquidation
Advertising agencies, Outdoor advertising, Copy service, Stamp and seal production, Outdoor advertising structures production, Business souvenirs, Wide-format printing, LED-advertising
Internet providers, IP telephony, Office automatic telephone systems, phone customer service, Telecommunication engineering
1377889850, 1377849728, 1377893087, 1377901648, 1377932315, 1377960013, 1377916139, 1377922265, 1377894193, 1377925690, 1377919841, 1377857239, 1377938253, 1377855596, 1377920571, 1377908928, 1377912038